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I'm so happy! I got a working computer again, gonna get FL Studio 10, and got a new external hard drive with a terabyte of memory :D
Also, I really got into Dubstep, and I've gotten way better at making music, so prepare for that :P
So yeah, pretty soon I'm going to upload some new songs, mainly Techno-ish music and Dubstep, but I also might recorded some screamo if I can get a hold of a damn microphone >___<
But whatever, if you're reading this, thanks for taking an interest in my post, stay tuned, and good luck with life :P
Also, woo, I got every medal in Upgrade Complete 2 ^___^

So, on my laptop, I had about 18 completed songs. I haven't uploaded any of them yet. My computer crashed. I lost everything on my hard drive..... Fuck.....
But whatever, time to play MineCraft :D

Woah, my computer sucks

I'm making some new songs, and I was wondering...what do you guys want?
Like, heavy techno, island ish, slow song, fast paced? Anything!
Give me some ideas people! Thanks ^_^
-Osama Bin Steve

I just uploaded some new songs. Check em out! If you want, leave a review and a vote. I would really appreciate it if you left some idead on how to improve them, thanks ^_^
-Osama Bin Steve

songs are at: /367977 /367974

Your mother!

2010-10-04 17:29:20 by StevePeanutButter

Now that I got your attention, could anyone tell me a good nexus pack that you suggest?

FYI. It's 3:30 AM right now O_o
I just uploaded some new songs, they're just prototypes, or works in progress. I would really appreciate it if you guys (or girls) left me some comments telling me what you thought of them, so I can mprove the final products and such.
Well, it's been fun, but I'm going to bed. Good night everyone ^_^
-Osama Bin Steve

Well, nothing much has happened lately. Me and my friends are making a movie. It's a funny scary movie/slasher flick. It's about a killer named Drillbit Taylor (Yes, I know that's already a movie) and he kills people with a drill. It's pretty funny so far. Also, I'm making some more epic music. Way better then anything I've made before.
Prepare yourself....
-Osama Bin Steve

Gonna attempt the impossable....

2010-09-13 16:26:01 by StevePeanutButter

I'm going to beat Jordan by Buckethead in GH2 in expert :D
And for those of you who have been following me, I'm getting better at sweep picking =^.^=
-Osama Bin Steve

So I got some songs uploaded, if you're feeling bored, could you leave a review? Please? I wanna make some more music but I wanna know the many places that my music needs improvement....
So, if you could, leave a review on some of my songs (there's only 4 -__- ) And you'd really be helping me out :D
-Osama Bin Steve

Review, please -___-

2010-09-05 13:04:48 by StevePeanutButter

I hate that people never leave reviews on my music, I want to know where to I need to improve and such, Cause I really wanna know where to improve -__-
-Osama Bin Steve