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Entry #35

Wooo! Back up and running!

2011-04-26 19:25:39 by StevePeanutButter

I'm so happy! I got a working computer again, gonna get FL Studio 10, and got a new external hard drive with a terabyte of memory :D
Also, I really got into Dubstep, and I've gotten way better at making music, so prepare for that :P
So yeah, pretty soon I'm going to upload some new songs, mainly Techno-ish music and Dubstep, but I also might recorded some screamo if I can get a hold of a damn microphone >___<
But whatever, if you're reading this, thanks for taking an interest in my post, stay tuned, and good luck with life :P
Also, woo, I got every medal in Upgrade Complete 2 ^___^


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